Looking for volunteers

Shiram Taurme Napurkanam - Welcome to Napurak!

Looking for volunteer teachers

Napurak is a small community in the Amazon región of Ecuador. 

It consists of 13 families with a population of 54, 

20 of those children. They do have a one-class school room.

They are all very nice and super friendly.

The community needs revenues from tourism,

meaning that the students need to learn 
English as well as about other cultures.

That's why they are looking for teachers!

How about you?

But - Napurak is not suitable for everybody: It can be reached only by plane or canoe. Therefore there are no cars or blacktop streets.

The next WiFi is a half hour upstream. Not far? How often are you a
half hour from home during the week? 

Electricity is avalable approx. 2 hours every evening through solar panels. 

They hunt with a rifle or the blow pipe.
Houses are constructed differently here.
Water is available from a manual pump, the jungle is also the toilet...

Teacher has about 2.5 hours of class each work day 

He/ she is compensated with food and lodging

Get to know the students, and their teacher  Cristobal

 How to reach Napurak

We are looking for volunteer teachers (for English)

with basic Spanish or better.

Interested? It's an adventure!

Write to Cristobal Senkuan in Spanish or Englisch


No wifi available, answers might take up to six weeks!

Link on Workaway: https://www.workaway.info/en/host/722912621523

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